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polar extremes

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cure for angst is dictatorship


allnewfaq..again oct 05 2004 - 10.49 pm

everything dates itself eventually, as well as my frequently (haw) asked questions.

so, for your pleasure, the ALL NEW F.A.Q.!

name: sorethroat, because i get sore throats under stress. woo. profound. i'll sometimes say "k", too.

age: at this count, 25. i'm a 1979 model taurus.

appearance: auburn hair. five foot three (but i'm being told that i'm can still grow in your twenties!) "not fat" apparently, but i would beg to differ. labret piercing. blue eyes that really stand out when the "whites" of my eyes are sob-induced red.

marital status: now single after an over 4-year relationship.

family: my father, a diplomat slowly descending further into the bottle, lives in islamabad, pakistan. my mother, finding herself after the trauma of empty nest syndrome and my father's subsequent affair, lives in our family home in the ottawa valley. i have two brothers, who i have trouble referring to by their initials because they sound like boyband members. often called "j1" and "j2" but i can't remember which one comes first. otherwise referred to as "loserbro" and "notsoloserbro". i lived with "loserbro" or "j1" for four years (after leaving home) - and now live with him again. my grandfather (father's father) is being taken care of by my mother.

psychiatric history: don't EVEN get me started!...currently/verrrry intermittently seeing fred, food-obsessed jewish shrink who sometimes dons red sally-jesse raphael glasses. very sweet but leaves himself open to mockery far too easily.

academic history: went to international schools all my life. currently attend sprawling university that is being bought, bit by bit, by corporations. started off wanting a degree in psychology, to actually "be a psychologist," but have instead re-ignited the flame of my torturous affair with history. now getting my master's in history.

hobbies: not much time for hobbies. things i do when i'm procrastinating the writing of essays include writing here, attempting to maintain contact with friends and teachers from around the world, interpreting highly sexually-charged dreams, reading cookbooks and dreaming of thinness (not at the same time, but awfully related), listening to different (sometimes shameful) music, making music, wandering, "looking" for work, complaining, worrying about money

likes: long, hot showers with lots of lather, smoking pot with friends, citrus, plant life inside, herbs, delighting and surprising people, sunlight & blue skies, being praised, being gay, money

dislikes: the ignoramus, capitalism, t-shirts depicting a row of cat's asses, corporate retail, dependence on corporate retail for survival, "i'm fine.", grey days, alcoholics, my hangovers, teetering on the precipice of poor and privileged

any last words: al gore and i have so much fucking chemistry. and yes, that is david hasselhoff.

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